It all started with Cameron Readey. At least that’s how I remember it. Cameron Readey was (is?) this goofball on twitter who told people he was a standup comedian looking to book guest spots on podcasts. I got one such message on the strange label account, and not having any interest in speaking to Mr. Readey myself, passed the offer along to everyone else.

That’s a lot of comments for our small little group of 12.

Podcheese invited Cameron on their show. He then in a lot of ways became the primary focus of their show. They love the guy.

(If you want to hear him with podcheese, here.)

So that’s how Leroy & Earl got on our radar. They also accepted the Cameron Readey self invitation. Benny from Podcheese listens to every Cameron Readey interview. Benny heard Leroy & Earl.

Either he invited them to be a part of our network or their interaction with him prompted them to ask us for consideration. Benny liked them. We put them on.

Fast forward to a while later and they quit doing their show. In the time they were on, no one really talked to them. That might be partially our fault. Matt Chuck had them on The Lotuscast to welcome them and that appearance rubbed both parties the wrong way. When Matt Leroy helped them set up their broadcasting software, they did the whole tech support call in character. That rubbed him the wrong way. They left with little fanfare and that was that. Another dead podcast.

A while later (I’m guesstimating but let’s call it 8 months) they asked to come back. I screenshot their email and put it to the group and almost everyone said “no.” Kenny from Howie at the Coffee Shop was the sole yes. I ignored everyone who said no and just put them back on anyway. I was probably wrong to do that in retrospect.

So time goes by. They do a show on Wednesday nights. We don’t interact with them. They just kinda do their thing. They’re always good about telling people the site and promoting the station (which I appreciate) and I think after a while it starts bugging them that none of the other shows acknowledge them. It becomes a topic they bring up a lot.

Oh. I left something out. Leroy and Earl is a show done completely with voice masking witness protection stuff. So one guy sounds like satan and the other guy sounds like Alvin and the chipmunks. That’s relevant.

They eventually (a month ago) drop the pitch shift gimmick and go on a rant about how now they use their real voices….the other shows will interact with them. After a few weeks, still no real interaction. They start tweeting at all the shows. Pay attention to us. Pay attention to us.

One show, in particular, did pay attention. They went to their website and really didn’t like what was there. On their “characters” page, they claim the show is done in “audio blackface” and that one of their characters is “legally retarded.” They thought: Jesus. I don’t want my wagon hitched to these guys. It’s 2019. Everyone’s woke. So they emailed me and told me to drop their show from the lineup.

I’m not going to tell you what show did this cause it’s not relevant. They didn’t give me an ultimatum. They didn’t say “them or us.” They said “us.”

I shared the email with the group and everyone was pretty bummed. Mainly because they all voted down Leroy & Earl to begin with, and now they’re costing us shows we actually like. Not to mention….jeez….the points made in the email….do WE want to be associated with them? We’d never really thought of it that way. Are we not woke?

So I made the call to remove Leroy & Earl from Strange Label. It wasn’t in fear of losing other shows. It was based on the fact that we had a show on our network that we weren’t networking with/aligned with on some things and felt it was a disservice to keep them around to both them and us.

I sent them a discrete email….

I’m not a HR rep. I don’t know how to word termination letters. I’m a goofy dude who does a podcast, but I wanted to be professional. They’ve done everything we’ve asked them to do and I have no reason to be shitty to them. I just don’t think it was ever gonna work out. Some of that may be my fault. Sorry.

They took to twitter and called me out, making it a much messier, public deal.

….so that’s why I figured I should write about what happened and why. So they can get the explanation they deserve and others can get caught up to speed. If you listen to that show, continue to do so. They’re on YouTube, I’m pretty sure. Search “Leroy and Earl.” I wish them luck. I really do.

If you guys have any other questions, go ahead and reach out.




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